The former post office "W30" in Berlin-Schöneburg was built in 1925 and was ahead of its time with its form and expressionist decor. The entrance to the café is marked by "the last postillion", a life-size sculpture made of white cast stone. The architectural design embodied the epitome of the cultured life of its time. 

For the JULEs Geisberg specialty café we decided to follow original character of the place and to design every piece of furniture individually and tailor-made. For the bar and tables we chose marble, the benches were designed in wood and are accompanied by characteristic/signature brass lamps. Pure elemental materials in elegant shapes, combined with metallic accents and muted earth tones, were intended to underline the finesse of the high ceilings and arched windows, creating a clean but chic atmosphere for refined coffee specialties. 

Jules Geisberg is serviced by Supersupply.

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When Germany’s breweries were still depended on strong horse carriage to deliver their goods, Tübinger Street 68 was home to the Saddlery of the Dinkelacker brewery. The historical building was carefully renovated in 2016 and holds space for café and bar Sattlerei on 108 square metres. 

The concept for the eatery and bar is focused around the metropolitan flair of the brickstone house. During the process landmarked wallpaper was exposed, historic window handles were reinstalled, contemporary floor materials were sourced and reinstalled, to redefine and strengthen the charming character of the original scenery. The result is a spacious interior with elegant details and a deliberately exposed originality of a nineteenth century apartment. 

Sattlerei is serviced by Supersupply.

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Paul & George is located in a former inn, named after its original architects from 1887. Over the years the brickstone building in one of the city’s oldest districts, was tavern and guest house, brothel and now is home to a bar. 

The historical building is characterized by bare red brickstone and dark wooden elements. For the hospitality concept as well as for the interior concept this set the tone. A long classic bar counter, illuminated from behind, forms the center of the main room. Bronze colored tables and Thonet-style Bentwood chairs, dimmed light spots create an atmosphere taking the guest centuries back to an English Gentlemen’s bar. The hospitality concepts is aligned with bow tied service clothing and a selection of finest drinks and Gin assortments. A place celebrating high level mixology and individual taste. 

Paul & George is serviced by Supersupply.

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In 1999 Johanne Nalbach realized an iconic glass pavilion based on the idea of the American artist Dan Graham. The pavilion is heart and center of the courtyard of the former margarine factory building, which today is one of Berlin’s most important addresses for contemporary art. Café Bravo itself has become an institution on the scene. 

The challenge for a new hospitality concept was to find a restrained but clear, contemporary design concept that honors the initial architectural approach and integrates the outstanding set-up of the steel glass construction. We decided on a reduced interieur design to give stage to the extraordinary beauty of Dan Grahams conceptual art piece itself. Our approach was to create a subtle simplicity leaving room for colors and the natural play of light of the shimmering pavilion. We focused on custom-made furniture using contemporary, sustainably recycled materials and made tabletops and bar from shredded and pressed yogurt cups. 

Bravo is currently serviced by Supersupply hospitality services.

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Stuttgart’s Marienplatz is the heart of the city’s south, the hotspot for a young urban community, mobility hub for entering the city as well as escaping it on the panoramic rack railway. Condesa Café & Bar is located right on the edge of the concrete square, setting the heartbeat of the area since 2014. 

The interior concept for Condesa is inspired by Mexico’s famous neighborhood itself – the European influenced green oasis of the mega city inhabited by artists, bohemians and hipsters, melting pot and meeting place. Initially created as a pop-up space the interior is functional but low-key, inviting the guest to interact with the space and its crowd. The pulse of the community should be at the forefront of the design. Therefore even after the permission to remain permanent, raw concrete walls, casually assembled barstools in a vivid color palette still set the scene. 

Condesa is serviced by Supersupply hospitality services. 

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Jules B-Part is the grastronomic part of the pioneering project B-Part at Gleisdreieck in Kreuzberg, Berlin - a laboratory of the project “Urbane Mitte”, an emerging centre of life and activity. The area of 3.000m2 combines coworking spaces, an outdoor sports park, an art gallery as well as spacious rooms for events. Aside from speciality coffee, homemade cakes and daily lunch at the café, Jules B-Part provides a huge beergarden during sunny days. Right in the park, framed by the urban romance of the subway bridge you can enjoy Berlin’s most beautiful sunset with homemade pizza and draft beer. Jules is a popular outdoor location for events such as legendary Bite Club Fridays or the African Food Festival as well as private celebrations. 

Our various units can be booked for conferences, workshops, private dinners and meetups of any kind. Besides hosting guests we also provide our very own catering and event service for external events. 

Jules B-Part is operated by Supersupply hospitality services.

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